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SmartFlex plannedDispatches and completedDispatches queries changes

Upcoming change
April 26, 2024, 10:36 a.m.

We have made some changes to the SmartFlex devices (IO) plannedDispatches and completedDispatches queries and what they return. The built-in documentation has been updated and improved.

Summary of the main changes:

  • Top level source has been removed (this has been deprecated for years)
  • startDt and endDt have been deprecated and replaced with start and end that have a better type
  • deltaKwh has been deprecated (this was already replaced by delta)
  • meta.source will now return smart-charge, test-charge or bump-charge (or null or unknown) - planned dispatches only
    • This should now also report bump charge for third-party integrations (e.g. Ohme)
  • “Planned” bump charges have a start when triggered and an end based on our calculated duration needed to get to 100%
  • Completed dispatches only meta.location can show AWAY, AT_HOME, NO_LOCATIONS_CONFIGURED or UNABLE_TO_IDENTIFY, and it will also show all charging, even if not triggered from a dispatch (planned is the best place to see dispatches for now).

We’ve also marked as deprecated a couple of other queries (vehicleChargingPreferences and registeredKrakenflexDevice), as these are moving to the devices query.